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New Zealand Post introduces charges for redirecting and holding mail
January 2007

On 1 November 2006 New Zealand Post introduced a fee of $20 for the first two months of redirecting residential mail to another address. At the same time a fee of $5 a week was introduced for holding residential mail.

The fees were introduced to recover some of the costs of providing the services which require a lot of manual intervention.

Senior citizens are exempt from the new fee for the first two months of a Redirection, and from all Hold fees.

New Zealand Post provides free ‘We’re moving’ postcards in PostShops nationwide to help people let others know of their change of address.

Redirecting and holding mail are security measures that protect against other people receiving private mail and having an overflowing letterbox that lets potential burglars know the residents are away. Neighbourhood Support recommends you have a neighbour stop by and collect junk mail. Click here for more holiday security tips.

Click here for more information on having your mail held or redirected.

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