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Help protect your property and help Police fight crime - SNAP
2 July 2008

Every year many New Zealanders are affected by burglary. Not only do they lose
treasured possessions, but are also often left feeling that they have been invaded and
their own personal security threatened.

The sad thing is that many burglars get away with it because the police are unable to
match property they suspect is stolen, with an actual burglary. This is because in the
majority of cases they are given a description of what has been stolen, but no serial
numbers to match with the stolen items.

SNAP (Serial Number Action Project) is a crime prevention initiative developed jointly by
the New Zealand Police and the Insurance Council of New Zealand. It is designed to
disrupt the flow of stolen goods and ultimately reduce your chances of being burgled in
the future.

You can take action by recording your appliance serial numbers on the SNAP form (40 kB PDF).

The way SNAP works is simple:

  • Record your property serial number on the form.
  • Store this copy in a secure place in your home. Take some care to ensure that it is secure, because it could become a shopping list for burglars if you mislay it.
  • As additional security, you may wish to keep a duplicate copy with a relative or trusted friend..
  • If a burglary occurs, you should supply a copy of your form to the police.
  • The police will use this information to identify your property and to help catch the offenders.
  • A copy of the form can also be given to your insurer to assist with the processing of your claim.
You may also wish to record photographic evidence of your most valuable possessions
to further assist the police with their identification and recovery in the event of a burglary.
We encourage you urgently to complete the SNAP form with the serial number and
identification marks of your main treasured possessions. In doing so, you are doing your
bit to help the New Zealand Police and contributing to the community effort of fighting

Christopher Ryan
Chief Executive
Insurance Council of New Zealand
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