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Family sleeps as burglars help themselves

East And Bays Courier
24 November 2010

While Mitzi Hansen was fast asleep, someone was downstairs stealing her belongings.

Mrs Hansen, her husband and their 17-year-old daughter woke last Tuesday morning to find they had been burgled.

Their television, Xbox, laptop, golf clubs and other items were missing. But the worst thing the offenders took was the family's sense of security.

"It's a major violation," Mrs Hansen says.

"To think they know what the inside of your house looks like and to have the nerve to come in while you're asleep.

"They must have been here a long time. It scares me to think about it."

Mrs Hansen believes the culprits entered her home through her unlocked garage door.

She has since put a lock on the door leading from the garage into the house and plans to put locks on her gates.

"The cops said they are professionals and they'll be able to get in, so just make it very difficult for them," Mrs Hansen says.

The police have searched for fingerprints and are awaiting results.

Mrs Hansen's car was broken into in May and her handbag was taken. Inside the bag were bills addressed to her home, so she is worried the two may be connected.

Mrs Hansen has warned her neighbours of the burglary and is now planning to get involved in the Neighbourhood Support group too.

Neighbourhood Support national manager Roger Eynon says groups are good for crime prevention and for support in the form of comfort or a safe place to escape to after a crime.

He says there are plenty of things people can do to help prevent crime.

When people go away over the summer, carparks are often empty, washing lines are bare and mail boxes become full.

Mr Eynon says people can help by parking their cars in their neighbour's parks, by hanging their washing on their neighbour's line, and by collecting their mail until they return home.

"It's that kind of neighbourliness it's not a huge amount of effort or time."


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