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Gold medal neighbour

17 September 2009

If they handed out medals for fabulous neighbours Joan Davies would be on the top podium.

In the middle of the night the Albert Street resident felt enough concern about her neighbours’ health that she made contact with his family requesting that they check on him.

Her neighbour is a private man and Joan doesn’t know him that well, but at 3am one Tuesday morning, Joan noticed his light on, it had been on since she went to bed. While this was unusual most people wouldn’t think too much of it and go back to sleep. Not Joan, no she shrugged off the blurriness of the night and went to her kitchen, hunted for the paper that contained the phone number of her neighbours’ son, and phoned him with her concern.

Joan says she was a bit doubtful about making the call and didn’t want to cause undue alarm “but a couple of days before I had seen him and he’d said he wasn’t feeling well. I just kept thinking – what if he really isn’t well?”

It turned out that this was the perfect thing to do. Her neighbour had suffered a heart attack. He spent some time in hospital but now is back at home. If Joan had not taken action he would have been unattended for many more hours.

The residents around her had recently joined together to create a Neighbourhood Support group. Joan says she’s lucky to live where she does “we already knew each other quite well, but becoming a Neighbourhood Support group really got us thinking about looking out for each other and taking notice when something doesn’t seem right”.

When Masterton Mayor, Garry Daniell, heard of this kind act of neighbourly concern he wanted to thank Joan and he says that she is the kind of resident that Masterton can be proud of “Neighbourhood Support is starting to make a real difference in our community, Joan’s kind act highlights the importance of neighbourhood connections”.

Joan accepted the invitation to have morning tea with the Mayor, and invited fellow Neighbourhood Support member Beryl Ashwell to join in the occasion.

For more information on Neighbourhood Support phone: 378-8900.

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