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Grey Power, Neighbourhood Support New Zealand and Age Concern - Same Focus, Different Tactics


Each organisation was approached separately by an Epoch Times (New York publication) reporter working out of the Hamilton office and asked for the current standing and policy when it comes to supporting elderly community members.

Some of my words are not quite as I remember them being said - such as concentrating on "reducing the fear of crime" rather than just the "level of crime" as is printed. They are clearly two separate issues. However, the message is clear and is backed up by Age Concern, who, in Wellington, I am happy to say, have been working alongside Community Policing and Neighbourhood Support New Zealand in order to seek out and work together on common ground.

The Crime and Safety Survey 2006 was referred to by both Age Concern and myself and doesn't label elderly people as the easy target that is referred to in the first part of the report. A further survey will follow in 2009 and Neighbourhood Support New Zealand have had the opportunity to be involved in consultation for some of the types of questions that will make up the survey.

The article focuses on the worst things that can happen at home or close to home. Grey Power are right to remind those who are most vulnerable that precautions are needed. However, should quality of life be dismissed over the fear of something that may not happen? The article tends to dwell on that point. A read of the 2006 survey points to other age groups and ethnic groups as the ones who are most likely to suffer at the hands of criminals.

Neighbourhood Support New Zealand is working towards increasing awareness and safety for all communities and members. Here is your chance to read the item for yourself but interesting to see that Neighbourhood Support New Zealand gets a mention in New York.

Roger Eynon
National Manager
Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Read Grey Power, Neighbourhood Support New Zealand and Age Concern - Same Focus, Different Tactics

By Diane Cordemans, 28 Oct 2008

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