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Kereru Place residents take action and win

Wairarapa News, 10 June 2009


‘Some people wait for the bus and others walk to town’ this analogy about being proactive is very appropriate when applied to the actions of the Neighbourhood Support Group in Kereru Place. They can be justifiably proud of their efforts to improve the environment in which they live.

Their first Neighbourhood Support meeting highlighted issues regarding a walkway joining their cul-de-sac with another street. The walkway was very overgrown and dark, and was frequented by a group of youths who would loiter there. This led to vehicle vandalism and general unwelcome behaviour. Resident Cheryl Hansen “Several residents living on their own were feeling quite unsafe and we just didn’t find that acceptable”.

Organisation of man-power, trailers and equipment along with permission from relevant property owners has seen a transformation of the walkway. The residents didn’t wait for some magic ‘bus’ to come along and fix the problem. They have combined energy and got on with the task of clearing the vegetation themselves. “The change is quite remarkable, it is so open now. The men in our street have just been great.” Cheryl Hansen

Council has also been consulted and it is likely that an additional street light will be erected along the walkway very shortly. This will round out the ‘make-over’ and change the entire feeling of the site.

“Becoming a Neighbourhood Support Group has given us the structure we needed to get the job done. Everyone is very happy with how this project has gone. We are communicating often and everyone feels a lot safer.” Cheryl Hansen

If you are interested in learning more about Neighbourhood Support please contact Sam Andrews-Paul (378-8900) for further information.

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