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Marina residents keep watch to prevent crime

By Kiran Chug, Nelson Mail

EAGLE EYES: Nelson Mama Neibourhood Support group members
Ken and Helen Andrew, left, and Gay Wilkie.
Photo: Colin Smith, 201970

Nelson Marina might not look like a traditional neighbourhood, but it shares the same problems as those faced by residents in many Other parts d the region, nod those who live there have decided to take

Neighbourhood Support Nelson has established seven new groups at the marina, following years of car break-ins and thefts.

Ken Andrew, who hen lived at the inn for almost two years, is the contact portion for the group sot up by residents of docks A And B.

He said the group, which wan established during the past two months consisted of those living on 12 boats. They had already held a barbecue to get to know each other better.

Mr Andrew said marina residents were generally good at getting to know their neighbours, but setting up a Neighbourhood Support group meant they knew who to contact with concerns about security.

Gary Wilkie, who has lived at the man for about four years, said the Neighbourhood Support groups groups residents feel "more secure".

He was already part of the marina's security team, so he was used to keeping an eye on things and looking out for suspicious activity.

Since the groups had been set up and everyone was more conscious of what to look out for, there had been very few problem with crime, Wilkie said.

Marina supervisor Chris Hawkes said the main problem was opportunist thieves walking past cans at night and smashing windows.

The new groups seemed to be working, as reports of break-ins ant damage had dropped since they were set up.

Neighbourhood Support Nelson coordinator Kim MacDonald said there were already Neighbourhood Support groups at Tahuna Bench Holiday Park, and she was glad to have started up groups at the marina, which was also a Nelson City Council facility.

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