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Postie sacked over city's missing mail

Rotorua Daily Post
2 September 2009

A postie has been sacked and faces prosecution after people complained their mail was going missing in three Rotorua suburbs.

In a rare case, New Zealand Post dismissed the worker and will be going to police after conducting an internal security investigation into complaints from residents in Pukehangi, Mangakakahi and Homedale.

The missing mail includes general mail, bills and bank statements.

Jade Pl resident Allen Foote, one of the many victims, said mail had been going missing in his street for several weeks.

"A few different items have gone missing," he said.

"I have phoned the companies to see if the items were actually sent and they were, so it is a bit odd."

His missing items included magazines for the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. "I can't see why anyone would want them, so I am guessing they have been dumped in the park or the bush."

Mr Foote, also the co-ordinator for Neighbourhood Support on Jade Pl, said the residents were not going to sit back and be targeted. "We are banding together as a street and will be keeping a closer eye on things."

Pukehangi resident and Daily Post deputy chief reporter Abigail Hartevelt has not received at least seven items of mail she was expecting over recent weeks.

Her missing mail included two magazines, a power bill and another bill from the power company reminding her to pay.

Mrs Hartevelt said she was shocked when she received a power bill for $339 that included a penalty for not paying on time. She contacted the power company and was told that two notices had been sent, a power bill and a reminder to pay - both of which she had not received.

She had also not received two Rotorua Hospital letters advising of an appointment tomorrow.

Rotorua Mail Centre leader Trish Adler said she did not have definite numbers about how many people had been affected. New Zealand Post's internal security team investigated and as a result a postie was fired for "non-performance of duties relating to non-delivery of mail."

"The security of mail is very important to us. Customers who have not received expected personal items, such as bank cards, should contact their banks and take their advice," she said.

Ms Adler said mail theft was rare but she would not comment further because the investigation was ongoing.


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