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As the pace of life increases, many people in our community lack daily friendship because their contact with people is limited. Sometimes this is because friends and family have moved on or passed away, or because they are less mobile than they used to be. Or it may be that finding new friends or staying in touch with old friends is difficult because of changing circumstances in their lives. Fortunately, it does not have to be that way.

The Caring Caller service aims to reduce the loneliness experienced by these people by providing a free long-term friendship service that puts you in touch every day with someone who cares. Available to people of all ages and walks of life. It is a friendship that both you and your Caring Caller can get much enjoyment from. If you live alone, are perhaps disabled or unable to get out, or think you would benefit from regular phone contact and lively conversation contact us.

The service links a St John volunteer with some one they can form a telephone friendship with. The caring caller then telephones each day. Both parties benefit from this new friendship:

  • For the Caring Caller, it is very rewarding to be helping someone in need;
  • For the person receiving the call, it is a break from social isolation, a new-found friend, regular contact, and knowledge that someone ‘out there’ cares.

Caring caller volunteer programme

Would you like to help by being a Caller Volunteer or Would you like to have someone call you?

For more information call: 0800-780-780 or Visit:

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